10 Coolest Pieces of Wearable Tech for 2018

Hello French Fries, If you are like me, and had to spend your morning deicing your car, freezing your limbs off, and driving through a blizzard to get to work, all while cursing the fact that you chose to live in a winter-weather town instead of Miami, Rio or Bora Bora, well then this post … Continue reading 10 Coolest Pieces of Wearable Tech for 2018

Why You Should Cut the Cord

Hello French Fries, I'm experimenting with different post formats, so today I'm going to give you a couple reasons as to why you should cut your cords and ditch cable and landline phones.   1.) Your wallet will thank you You do not need me to tell you that cable is expensive. When I moved … Continue reading Why You Should Cut the Cord

5 Ways Technology Has Impacted Sports

Hello French Fries, Today I'm going to do something different. Since the NFL playoffs are now in full swing, and since I am crunched for time, I'm going to do a fun post detailing 5 ways technology has influenced sports. 1.) Instant Replay: Like many technological innovations, Instant Replay started with the military. Two weeks … Continue reading 5 Ways Technology Has Impacted Sports

Ten Bold Predictions for 2018

Hello French Fries! Since it's New Years Eve, and I was too busy Friday to push a post, I am going to do a special post today. I'm going to list my 10 bold predictions for what will be the top trends in tech in 2018 based on my observations of the industry in 2017. … Continue reading Ten Bold Predictions for 2018

UAVs, Mice and Advertising

Hello French Fries!     I want to start off by thanking everyone of you. I have received enough views in the one week I've been running this blog to start getting requests from advertising agencies to place ads on my blog. Since this is my first site that I've built for myself that includes … Continue reading UAVs, Mice and Advertising