Speech and the Social Media Revolution

There is little dispute that social media has become an important tool of communication in the 21st century. With the omnipresence of technology in everyday life, social media has the power to spark revolutions, quickly disseminate critical information, spread ideas, democratize the building of brands, and bring people together. In many ways, social media is … Continue reading Speech and the Social Media Revolution

Chatrooms and Politics

No matter where political philosophies reside on the left-right spectrum, we can all agree that we live in energetically charged political times. The rise of right wing reactionary political factions in Europe and America, reenergized and emergent left-wing factions in Latin America, Canada and Europe, growing desperate Islamic dissatisfaction in the Middle East and Africa as … Continue reading Chatrooms and Politics

State of the Union, Satirical Edition

Every year, except for the first year of a new president's term, the President of the United States makes an address to a joint session of congress reporting on the status of America's economy and detailing his or her's administrations policy goals for the upcoming year. This address is called the State of the Union. … Continue reading State of the Union, Satirical Edition

Ten Bold Predictions for 2018

Hello French Fries! Since it's New Years Eve, and I was too busy Friday to push a post, I am going to do a special post today. I'm going to list my 10 bold predictions for what will be the top trends in tech in 2018 based on my observations of the industry in 2017. … Continue reading Ten Bold Predictions for 2018