Chatrooms and Politics

No matter where political philosophies reside on the left-right spectrum, we can all agree that we live in energetically charged political times. The rise of right wing reactionary political factions in Europe and America, reenergized and emergent left-wing factions in Latin America, Canada and Europe, growing desperate Islamic dissatisfaction in the Middle East and Africa as … Continue reading Chatrooms and Politics

How to Reduce Instances of Spam

We all receive spam emails at one point or another. They are an obnoxious fact of owning an email address, and they don't always get picked up by a spam filter. If you are being inundated with spam emails, here's some tricks you can use to reduce and prevent future spam emails. 1.) Be careful … Continue reading How to Reduce Instances of Spam

Tech Tip: How to Save a Google Doodle for Offline Use

Google's Doodles are these fun little gimmicks, displays, and media presentations to honor events, people, holidays, innovations and other things associated with a specific date. However, some doodles may touch or entertain us, making us wish we had access to them for more than a 24 hour period. Good news! They are not gone forever … Continue reading Tech Tip: How to Save a Google Doodle for Offline Use