Chatrooms and Politics

No matter where political philosophies reside on the left-right spectrum, we can all agree that we live in energetically charged political times. The rise of right wing reactionary political factions in Europe and America, reenergized and emergent left-wing factions in Latin America, Canada and Europe, growing desperate Islamic dissatisfaction in the Middle East and Africa as … Continue reading Chatrooms and Politics

Tech Tip: How To Spot and Identify Fake News

Since fake news today is mostly disseminated through the internet, the 10 steps listed below can be applied to many aspects of determining if a site is legitimate, beyond just fake news. 1.) Do an eyeball test. Does the website have a clean and professional looking design? If there are advertisements, are they located in … Continue reading Tech Tip: How To Spot and Identify Fake News

Ten Bold Predictions for 2018

Hello French Fries! Since it's New Years Eve, and I was too busy Friday to push a post, I am going to do a special post today. I'm going to list my 10 bold predictions for what will be the top trends in tech in 2018 based on my observations of the industry in 2017. … Continue reading Ten Bold Predictions for 2018

History and Effects of Fake News

Hello French Fries, Boy was it cold yesterday, it did not crack 20 degrees at all, nor is it expected to do so today, and as a result, I’m starting to develop a bit of a disturbing cough. Hopefully I’m not getting sick, but I don’t like my odds. It could be worse; I was … Continue reading History and Effects of Fake News