The First Recorded Cyberattack

Twins Francois & Joseph Blanc were men ahead of their time. They are quite possible the first people to hack technology in order to commit insider trading, and they got away with it! We’re talking about two guys who hacked the top-of-the-line highest tech communication networks in the world at the time they hacked it: Napolean’s … Continue reading The First Recorded Cyberattack

Protecting Your Systems Against Social Engineering

No matter how technically secure we set our devices, systems and accounts to be, there is always a human component to any cyber security protocol. Hackers and bad actors recognize this, and often times resort to manipulating users who have access to these systems to provide the information necessary to enter through the front door. … Continue reading Protecting Your Systems Against Social Engineering

Protecting Your Security on Social Media and Social Networks

One of the most vulnerable nodes in the average user's technological presence is on social media. With hundreds of millions of users on many different popular social media and networking platforms, these platforms prove fertile ground for spammers, scammers and cyber-criminals. Don't be a target, use these tips to protect yourself when interacting on social … Continue reading Protecting Your Security on Social Media and Social Networks

Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication

It's becoming more common place to see suggestions or requirements for two-factor authentication from various pieces of technology, apps and sites. Often displayed with the shorthand 2FA, Two-Factor Authentication is an increasingly popular security method that requires two points of authentication from the user in order to grant them access. There is an obvious explanation … Continue reading Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication

What Not to Post On Social Media

Many of the tips this blog provides are active measures to protect yourself from cyber security threats. However, sometimes less is more. You can be super secure with your security setup, then blow it all away by oversharing on social media. Here's a list of items you should avoid posting on social media sites like … Continue reading What Not to Post On Social Media

How to deal with Internet Trolls

The internet is a strange and fascinating place. It's full of interesting works of art, entertainment sites, political action groups, cat videos and plenty of pornography, amongst many other things. It's a virtual space where people congregate and share ideas. However, it's also a largely anonymous place. This anonymity has encouraged the rise of the … Continue reading How to deal with Internet Trolls

Tech Tip: Traveling Securely

Part 1: Cyber Security Millions of people travel through airports and airlines for business or personal reasons every day, and most of them will carry a laptop, smart phone or some other device during their travels. When you and your devices are in motion, particularly while going across international borders, you and your devices are … Continue reading Tech Tip: Traveling Securely

State of the Union, Satirical Edition

Every year, except for the first year of a new president's term, the President of the United States makes an address to a joint session of congress reporting on the status of America's economy and detailing his or her's administrations policy goals for the upcoming year. This address is called the State of the Union. … Continue reading State of the Union, Satirical Edition

Best Free Antivirus Security Suites

In previous posts, I've repeatedly driven the point that having up-to-date antivirus protection on your machine is a must. Some of you might not want to shell out $70-120 for antivirus services. While the paid services are generally much higher end and better quality than free antivirus programs, even free antivirus is better than no … Continue reading Best Free Antivirus Security Suites

Tech Tip: Using a VPN to Secure Your Internet Usage

Online privacy is of serious concern to many users of the internet. In today's age, the public should be wary of hackers, spy agencies and governments trying to tap into users online activities in order to monitor their sessions or steal their information. With the increased focus on information security and narrative control by many … Continue reading Tech Tip: Using a VPN to Secure Your Internet Usage