Speech and the Social Media Revolution

There is little dispute that social media has become an important tool of communication in the 21st century. With the omnipresence of technology in everyday life, social media has the power to spark revolutions, quickly disseminate critical information, spread ideas, democratize the building of brands, and bring people together. In many ways, social media is … Continue reading Speech and the Social Media Revolution

Following up on Predictions for 2018 in Tech

On New Years Eve, 2017, we wrote an article with predictions for the 2018 year in tech.  Now that the Halloween has passed and we are in the midst of the end of the year Holiday season, now's a good time as any to reflect on those predictions, and see what we got right, and … Continue reading Following up on Predictions for 2018 in Tech

The First Recorded Cyberattack

Twins Francois & Joseph Blanc were men ahead of their time. They are quite possible the first people to hack technology in order to commit insider trading, and they got away with it! We’re talking about two guys who hacked the top-of-the-line highest tech communication networks in the world at the time they hacked it: Napolean’s … Continue reading The First Recorded Cyberattack

Wearables and Smart Watches: a Follow Up

  A few months ago, this blogger here at burgerfried wrote a post about wearable technology. Apparently, the fine folks at Reviews.com saw our post and contacted me about plugging an article of theirs reviewing smart watches, which for a nascent tech blogger like myself, should be considered an excellent opportunity to expand. However, if you … Continue reading Wearables and Smart Watches: a Follow Up

Best Language Learning Apps

Technology has had a global effect on humanity, bringing peoples and communities who are geographically distant closer together. Through instant communication and easing the diffusion of ideas, tech has helped give rise to Walt Disney’s ideal of a small world after all. However, even when we can instantly communicate with the far corners of the … Continue reading Best Language Learning Apps

Chatrooms and Politics

No matter where political philosophies reside on the left-right spectrum, we can all agree that we live in energetically charged political times. The rise of right wing reactionary political factions in Europe and America, reenergized and emergent left-wing factions in Latin America, Canada and Europe, growing desperate Islamic dissatisfaction in the Middle East and Africa as … Continue reading Chatrooms and Politics

Best Apps for Weight Loss and Fitness

There's an old adage that says "Summer Beach Bodies start in February". Since it's the beginning of March, what better time to go start trimming the fat then now? I've started a strict diet and exercise regemin, and being the techie that I am, I've done some research recently on apps that would assist me … Continue reading Best Apps for Weight Loss and Fitness

How to Reduce Instances of Spam

We all receive spam emails at one point or another. They are an obnoxious fact of owning an email address, and they don't always get picked up by a spam filter. If you are being inundated with spam emails, here's some tricks you can use to reduce and prevent future spam emails. 1.) Be careful … Continue reading How to Reduce Instances of Spam

5 Tips For Beginners Learning How To Code

Being able to code in a programming language is quite exhilarating. You get to create apps and websites, and it's a highly marketable skill. However, learning to code can seem to be quite a taunting task for those just starting out. Here are some tips I picked up when I started coding to help ease … Continue reading 5 Tips For Beginners Learning How To Code

Shameless Plug (aka I’m Available for Hire!!!)

Howdy Folks! After an enjoyable stint with a great organization, I have found myself back on the job market. If anyone reading this blog feels that my services and expertise fit a need in your organization, feel free to contact me for my CV. My contact information can be found here. I look forward to … Continue reading Shameless Plug (aka I’m Available for Hire!!!)