Speech and the Social Media Revolution

There is little dispute that social media has become an important tool of communication in the 21st century. With the omnipresence of technology in everyday life, social media has the power to spark revolutions, quickly disseminate critical information, spread ideas, democratize the building of brands, and bring people together. In many ways, social media is … Continue reading Speech and the Social Media Revolution

The First Recorded Cyberattack

Twins Francois & Joseph Blanc were men ahead of their time. They are quite possible the first people to hack technology in order to commit insider trading, and they got away with it! We’re talking about two guys who hacked the top-of-the-line highest tech communication networks in the world at the time they hacked it: Napolean’s … Continue reading The First Recorded Cyberattack

Nostalgic Retrospective of the 1990’s

I grew up in the 1990s and consider myself a child of that decade. It was a crazy time to be a kid, what with the catchy advertising campaigns, questionable food choices, forgettable fads, and total disregard for fashion. So here is a nostalgia-infused list of the most groundbreaking trends in tech in the 90's, for … Continue reading Nostalgic Retrospective of the 1990’s

History and Effects of Fake News

Hello French Fries, Boy was it cold yesterday, it did not crack 20 degrees at all, nor is it expected to do so today, and as a result, I’m starting to develop a bit of a disturbing cough. Hopefully I’m not getting sick, but I don’t like my odds. It could be worse; I was … Continue reading History and Effects of Fake News