Wearables and Smart Watches: a Follow Up



A few months ago, this blogger here at burgerfried wrote a post about wearable technology. Apparently, the fine folks at Reviews.com saw our post and contacted me about plugging an article of theirs reviewing smart watches, which for a nascent tech blogger like myself, should be considered an excellent opportunity to expand. However, if you have read some of my previous posts, you will notice that I do not sell out too easily and I like to be thorough.

Since Reviews.com felt confident enough to reach out to bloggers and request we plug their article, we here at Burgerfried decided to test the products they reviewed, see if their article is a well-done patty, or else see if their findings have some fishy cheese on top. However, since we have limited resources, we could only afford to test the three smart watches Reviews.com listed as the best devices and see if the reviews Reviews.com wrote hold any water. Please read on for our analysis.


Apple Watch Series 3 GPS

Reviews.com’s verdict:

They like the small-detailed features like zoom, as well as the ease of navigations. They note that being an Apple Watch, it only works with iPhones.

Burgerfried’s verdict:

We agree that it’s easy to use, and that there’s a lot of detail involved. We also enjoyed the surprising longevity of the battery charges. However, as noted in previous articles, we prefer our watches (regardless if they are smart or not) to look like actual watches since we feel a watch is a fashion statement and a part of an ensemble outfit. In this regard, we find all Apple watches to be lacking. However, in a vacuum outside of fashion, the only 2 complaints we have with the Series 3 GPS are that the square shape and size of the face meant that it digged into the back of our reviewers hand quite a bit, and that it only works with Apple products. We find Reviews.com review to be well-done and sizzling right off the grill.


Samsung Gear Sport

Reviews.com’s verdict:

They like the ease of use, layout and indiscreet appearance.

Burgerfried’s verdict:

Since none of us use an android (we all sold out to the iPhone), we had to rely on sporadic access to borrowed androids to test this. We mostly agree with the verdict adjudged by Reviews.com. We enjoy the more fashionable appearance of the Samsung Gear Sport (it actually looks like a watch), and we agree that it’s easy to use. However, we were disheartened to learn that the GPS was rather unreliable, and its heart rate monitoring and excercise tracking were next to useless, which for avid workout freaks (who have blogged about tech and excercise in the past), this was quite disheartening. While the Reviews.com review of the Samsung Gear Sport was 100% truthful and honest, we rate their verdict to be medium-well off the grill. They were completely accurate with the conclusions they drew, but they could’ve been a tad more thorough.


Fossil Q Venture

Reviews.com’s verdict:

Reviews.com claims this one to be their personal favorite, with an intuitive navigation, quick response time and well designed screen.

Burgerfried’s verdict:

We have made no secret in the past of our love for the fashionable and classy appearance of the Fossil Q smart watches. They look like actual watches. We enjoy the well designed construct, the well developed display and interface, the quick responsiveness and the longevity of the battery charges. However, in comparison to the previous two watches, it is quite toned down in functionality and uses. There’s no NFC, GPS or heart rate monitoring. However, for what it advertises to do, it does quite well, and as a watch, it’s perfectly fashionable, more so than any other smart watch we’ve seen. We think of this more as a watch with some technical perks rather than the wrist computers that better define the Gear Sport and Series 3 GPS. In this regard, we find Reviews.com’s review to be sizzling well-done right off the grill.


In conclusion, we find Reviews.com’s article to pass the Burgerfried test with a well-done rating (on a scale where raw is the worst, well-done is the best, and with progressive rankings of rare, medium-rare, medium, and medium-well). We would thus recommend Review.com’s article to potential consumers. While we just skimmed their conclusions in this post, they did a fabulous job detailing their methodology and expectations, along with a great list of criteria to look at when deciding what smart watch is right for you.

We would like to extend our thanks to Reviews.com for reaching out to us.

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