Tech Tip: How to Save a Google Doodle for Offline Use

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Google’s Doodles are these fun little gimmicks, displays, and media presentations to honor events, people, holidays, innovations and other things associated with a specific date. However, some doodles may touch or entertain us, making us wish we had access to them for more than a 24 hour period.

Good news! They are not gone forever when Google takes them down. Google maintains a publicly accessible archive of all it’s doodles. So if there is a doodle you would loved and missed, you can find it in the doodle archive.

Capture1To save a doodle for offline access, you will first need to open the doodle archive in Firefox. Once you found the doodle you are looking for, right click it and highlight ‘This Frame’ in the right click menu. In the expanded ‘This Frame menu, select ‘Show Only This Frame’. This will open in the tab.

Capture2Next you need to copy the URL address of the doodle, and paste it in the URL bar in an Internet Explorer window. Once the doodle has loaded in Internet Explorer, tap the Alt key to bring up the IE menu bar, and then go to File, and Save As. Once you save the doodle, you can now access it from the saved location while offline.

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