Tech Tip: How to Exclude a Domain from a Google Query Return

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On any given day, there are over 3.5 billion search queries conducted through Google’s search engine (or one query daily for every two people on earth).  Sometimes, however, we might want to filter the results to give a better targeted return for the search we are conducting.

Even though I’ve discussed boolean search logic in a previous post, there is a very useful and interesting boolean command that can prevent returns from a specific domain in your search query. There are many reasons you may want to prevent returns from a domain. For example, maybe you want to get a news review or news article about CNN, but don’t want to see CNN’s own articles since they can over saturate your query or provide a biased viewpoint about the author’s employers. If you use the -inurl:  boolean, you can remove returns from a specific domain from your querry.  The -inurl: command works by putting -inurl: after your search querry, and then following it with the domain you want the query to ignore. For instance, with the CNN example, you can use the following query to search news articles about CNN without seeing any CNN produced articles:

CNN news

I encourage you to try this and other search logic booleans in order to filter your search queries and target your queries to tailor and streamline your returns.


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