Tech Tip: How to Diagonally Split a Cell in MS Office (Excel and Word)

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Many of us use MS Excel or tables in MS Word in our day to day professional life. They are great tools for accounting, data and statistics. Did you know you can create a diagonally split cell in MS Excel or in a table in MS Word?

splitcellWhile it’s purely cosmetic and does not actually split the cell into two from a calculation stand point, if you input a table in MS Word or MS Excel, go to the Design tab under Table Tools, and select the ‘Borders’ drop down menu, there are two diagonal option borders that you can choose from (one goes diagonally down words, and one goes diagonally upwards). You can then split the cell’s data in a fashion that best fits the cosmetic design.

Again, while this doesn’t actually split the cell, it’s a great way to spruce up your presentation of the table, and allows you to stand out with your rad MS Office skills.


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