Tech Tip: Fixing the Telugu Character Bug on iOS 11

mad at phone.JPGWhile Apple’s iPhone is the symbol of our current generations technological achievements, the iOS 11 operating system has probably been the buggiest OS of our generation. While Apple has been pretty responsive to the bugs that have been popping up in iOS 11, with their Patch Tuesday updates, each patch seems to be creating as many new bugs as the bugs they fix. The latest one that I’ve been reading, hearing and seeing a lot of is the Telugu character bug.

Image result for telugu speakersFor folks who use their iPhones to communicate with acquaintances from the great nation of India or use the Telugu language in their day to day mobile life, they may notice a debilitating issue where if they send, receive or see the Telugu character shown in the above title graphic of this post in an iPhone app, it causes the iPhone to crash, and then all texting, messaging, and social networking apps are locked out to the user. This bug then has the potential to spread to linked apple devices like Macbooks and apple watches. While this bug only really started appearing over the weekend, Apple has quickly rushed out an emergency patch for the 74 million Telugu speakers that should address the bug.

However, if you are still wary of all the bugs and issues that each new iOS 11 patch seems to introduce, there is another two-step workaround being mentioned on social media.

The first step is to have a friend send you an iMessage or SMS message (text message) including the ‘au’ (ఔ) character. This has proven to stabilize your apps and prevent them from crashing and locking you out.

The second step is to delete the original message that contained the ‘au’ (ఔ) character that originally started the bug for you. This is often times better done over the web, especially if it was sent via facebook, gmail, twitter or some other web-based application.

These two steps have seemingly proven to have fixed the issue, but as I mentioned above, Apple pushed out an emergency patch yesterday that specifically addresses this issue as well.

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