(Non)tech tip: Prevent the Flu

This winter is one of the worst flu seasons in recent memory. Less you want to end up like me and lose a week being stuck in bed with the flu, here’s some steps you can take to avoid catching and spreading the flu.

1.) Get a flu shot

The flu shot is a vaccine that you can take once a year to train your antibodies to spot and kill flu virus-infected cells. There are many avenues you can pursue to fund and receive a flu shot.

2.) Don’t touch your face

Many hands have touched elevator buttons, door knobs, stairs bannisters, shopping carts, etc. You have know way of knowing if those hands are connected to flu-infected bodies. Touching infected surfaces and then touching your eyes, mouth, and  nose or other holes in your skin can be the quickest way to having your hands be attached to a flu-infected body. Not only should you avoid touching your face, you should wipe down common surfaces several times a day with disinfectants.

3.) Wash your hands

I’m a germaphobe, so I wash my hands several tunes a day, and shower at least twice a day. The CDC says that washing your hands regularly with soap and water is like taking a second vaccine for many of the contagious diseases out there. It disinfects your body, kills germs, and prevents you from spreading them further. If you don’t have a sink nearby, alcohol based hand sanitizer is a good, albeit not quite equal, substitute.

4.) Take care of your body

If you hydrate regularly, eat healthy meals with fruits and veggies, get regular high quality sleep and work out regularly, you will be giving your body a healthy and strong baseline. This means your immune system will be strong, fueled, rested and ready to fight the big bad flu virus.

5.) Don’t be patient zero in the zombie apocalyose

Despite your best efforts, you could take all these steps and still get sick. Even though you might be miserable, it’s not your fault. That being said, stay home. Don’t go to work and spread the flu further. Talk to your doctor, they can provide antivirals to help you cope. Take some ibuprofen to help ease the symptoms that are making you miserable. Hydrate frequently, and try to sleep your way through it. This will help your body combat the virus without additional stress factors distracting your antibodies.

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