Tech Tip: Quick & Easy Way to Encrypt Your Files


1024px-System-lock-screen.svgIn this day and age, security and privacy are at the top of everyone’s concerns. There are ways to secure files and folders on your computer, and the best way is to password protect files that you feel sensitive about. Instead of getting an expensive encryption software, or going through the hassle and hours of setting up ssh keys, there is a much simpler (and freer) way to password protect your files. Zip programs such as 7-Zip, WinRAR, and Unarchiver (if you use a Mac) all have the built in option to include password protected encryption whenever you create a new zipped archive. It’s a quick and easy way to password protect your files, and since the primary purpose of zipping programs is to archive and compress your files, they will spare your disk drives space as well. Hence, it’s a great hack that kills several birds with one stone, and saves your wallet for another day.


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