Hello World (I want French Fries)

Heeelllloooo Wooorrlldd!


The Sesame Bun:


This is the first great and amazing post on my new blog. Since this is my first blogpost, I will cut straight to the cheese and outline my mission. My (obviously not real) name is Ham Burger. I am a Web Developer and Cyber Security Administrator working for a Denver based marketing organization, and I aim to use my platform here to address my views of the world through my professional technological lens, with a comic twist to it. Now, to you, my readers, who I shall now lovingly dub my “French Fries”, why oh why should you read my blog? Well, below is a well thought out, prepared, rationale (i.e. half-assed list I randomly decided upon over the last 10 minutes of my lunch)

1.) I will give you a technology tidbit, tip, or how to in each of my posts
2.) I’m hilarious
3.) I will provide a fresh and interesting perspective on the events or thoughts of the day
4.) Because you guys love me
5.) I’ll come up with more actual reasons later

So, a bit about myself, I’m a Tech Industry professional pushing 30, Male (cisgender), engaged to a beautiful Russian bride to be, happy father of 2 furbabies (one canine, one feline) and, as previously established, I live way up in the altitude of the Mile High City (take that as you will). I’ve been working in the industry for about 10 years. Now enough about the boring background stuff, let’s get some meat in this patty.


The Meat Patty:


The big news story of the day (today being 6 December 2017), at least according to CNN, BBC, FNS, [insert random news organization here], is President Donald J. Trump, Republican from New York, has decided to recognize the city of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. So here is my totally unsolicited 2 cents: I think it’s a pointless gesture that will lead to a lot of misunderstanding. From a tech perspective, this is ill advised. Tel Aviv is a large node in the global tech network, and like most major hubs, it would be negatively disruptive if something like a 3rd Intifada, or worse, a war were to break out and cause Tel Aviv to go offline. Lots of the tech innovation and technologies that we as an industry have come to rely on are built, based and hosted in Tel Aviv, and if those were to go offline, it’d throw the industry backwards about 5 years. Less selfishly, it’s just poor optics. The United States is trying to broker a peace deal in the Middle East, and inflaming tensions is the opposite of trying to achieve peace. Weather you are a Zionist, or a Palestinian, or a supporter of either, both, or neither cause; the last thing anybody wants is to have their children, spouse, parents, siblings, friends, or humanity to be killed in a perfectly avoidable spat of violence. The Israelis and the Palestinians need to get to a table, and negotiate this out with each other, there is no point of forcing one opinion or another onto both parties, because, as is the nature with force, that will just create resistance, and the more violence in the powder keg that is the Middle East, the more entrenched sides become, and the more distant peace becomes. Instead of inflaming tensions and heating up tempers, as a mediator and broker, the United States should be trying to cool things down so level heads can prevail. I think the President made a mistake in order to placate domestic concerns, perceived or otherwise, and under the encouragement of bipartisan support in the halls of Congress. Nobody will ever deny that our President is unafraid to pick an unpopular position on a debate within the American political system and go with it full throttle; maybe this is one of the times he should have done so.

*Note: I’m not going to out myself as a supporter or opponent of the President, or of any political party or ideology, I am just giving my independent perspective in this blog. Since politics heavily affect my industry, they will inevitably be talked about a lot. Deal with it.

The Onion’s Pearl:


Now for my tech tip of the day (which, with the Hamburger theme, shall hence forth be dubbed the Onion’s Pearl): If you are on a windows machine, and you want to lock your screen, simply hold the window key and press the L key. That simple! Great for security if you want to leave your desk for a moment.

The Cheese on Top:

Well, my darling French Fries, this concludes my first and introductory blog post, and hopefully will be read by at least more than 1 person *HI MOM!!!!*. Please feel free to comment below, and I encourage you to go with what I wrote, and debate, me, fellow readers, agree, disagree, think I’m an insane bat outta hell that needs to be exorcised, and give your two cents. Democracy works best when different voices speak up. My only condition and request is that you keep everything respectful, tasteful, and above the belt. It’s okay to disagree with one another, but please listen to the viewpoints expressed and debate intelligently. We are all adults here (even if I still possess the mind of a perverted teenager.)

As always, my French Fries, the ketchup is in the sauce!


*I reserve the right to change the format and section subtitles of my blog posts going forward*


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